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ABSHR is an Internet based HR Management and Information Storage System. With ABSHR all HR forms, reports, payroll and related information, complete with electronic signatures, is filed, sorted and scheduled for processing. All without using paper! With ABSHR there is no “up front” investment required. No software to purchase, no dedicated computer required and no specialized IT staff needed, ever! With a PC, Internet capability and a Manager User to follow printable account setup and on screen help instructions, any business or organization will have an operational and structured HR Department ready for use. System updates, enhancements and new features are routinely added to every ABSHR member´s account at no additional cost.

Special ABSHR Features include:

  • No set up costs for new accounts.
  • Multilevel security access for Users.
  • Individually secured sub-groups available for separate hiring managers.
  • Customized company policy templates that contain Policy Groups that require all first level policy groups be completed before second or third level policy group steps may be initiated. Policy Group templates force your company policy standards be followed by each hiring manger on every occasion.
  • Color coded applicant evaluation and new hire template indicate exactly what has been completed, what is pending and what still needs to be address during these processes at a glance.
  • Automated Payroll Service with Direct Deposit.
  • Automated submission and retrieval of background checks available.
  • Task Scheduler generates reminders and daily or weekly reports of upcoming scheduled events or occurrences such reviews, benefits availability or birthdays.
  • Electronic audit trail.
  • Confidential Employee Reporting for anonymous reporting of company policy violations, unacceptable business practices or unacceptable business behavior.
  • On-line messaging with applicants to provide notifications, instructions or schedule tasks.
  • On-line messaging with employees for exchange information, HR forms, employee suggestions.
  • Customized ranking for evaluating new applications.
  • Notification of new information or forms submitted to hiring managers.
  • Freedom Hiring Survey is a time saving pre-employment screening tool for eliminating unnecessary review of unqualified applicants.
  • Security restricted access for sensitive information such as drug screening reports, medical reports or confidential information reports.
  • All forms become write-protected once electronically signed.
  • Notification of all new enhancements, reports and features added to member´s accounts.
  • Restricted online access of associates to their personnel folder accounts.
  • Your company logo displayed and program access integrated into your website and company Intranet.
  • Reports exported to Excel.
  • Additional new forms constantly being added.
  • Sub-groups may be added or deleted as necessary.
  • 90-day free trial period, complete refund for any reason during the first 90 days of new membership.
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